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Markist a spiritual successor of a decentralize economy, focus in community, Budget proposal voting, No ico, No presales, No premine, Long term sha256 proof of work mining, Decentralized Anarchy.

about us


10 Years Supply

Our Rewards

Super Blocks
10% Super block rewards

Super blocks asigned for budget proposals voting, main focus on development, marketing And community bounties.

20% Rewards MN

Rewards for masternode owners for each block, 18,000 MARTK requier to run a masternode on the martkist network.

70% reward per block

sha 256 Miners rewards per block a total of 70% of each block to all miners in the martkist network.


Max Supply


Mn Locked Supply




proposal voting



Short Term


Long Term

Decentralize Anarchy

The vision of a decentralize anarchy is freedom, community organization and the intelligent allocation of resources.

Wallet Downloads

Windows Qt Wallet

  • Win 64 bit
  • win 32 bit
    • DesktopMarket soon

    Mac OS Qt Wallet

  • Osx 64 bit
  • Osx Dmg
    • DesktopMarket soon

    Linux QT Wallet

  • Tar. gz
  • Docker hub
    • DesktopMarket soon

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    EMail : Martkisdev@gmail.com

    Discord : Morpheus#9310

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